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Body fat

What is a healthy body fat percentage? (lean-to-fat ratio) The ideal fat-lean( Body fat ) ratio varies depending on several key points. First of all, you should know that it isn’t the same for men and for women. It also depends of your age. To help you assess if your body composition is good or…


Skin Health Screening

Skin Health Screening, the key to diagnosing a specific skin disorder is the visual observation of symptoms, sometimes coupled with further testing, such as a biopsy of the affected area to confirm the diagnosis. Is the area scaly, inflamed, oozing, bleeding or has it changed in appearance? These are some of the indicators to diagnose…


Skin disorders

Skin disorders The term, skin disorders, encompasses a wide range of diseases and medical issues involving the skin. The skin is mainly a protective organ but is complex enough to potentially suffer from infection, cancer and many other chronic conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Signs and Symptoms Each specific skin disorders has its own…


How to improve your skin elasticity

Skin is your body’s outer shield, protecting it from the elements, fending off the sun’s damaging rays and putting up with a number of other environmental irritants. As you age, your skin is affected by the daily wear and tear of life — so it’s no wonder that your skin eventually loses some of its…


Skin Care

5 tips to skin care Good skin care — including sun protection and gentle cleansing — can keep your skin healthy and glowing for years to come. Don’t have time for intensive skin care? Pamper yourself with the basics. Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent…


8 Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Great skin year after year Your skin can reveal the stories of your life, from the fabled glow of pregnancy to the less-welcome spots that surface from sun damage. You hear a lot about how to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but there are many other simple health moves that can keep your…


What’s in a cream

What’s in a cream we apply a range of moisturizing, anti-ageing, cellulite and other creams to the face and body. Although these creams may differ in terms of their components, all are based on a stable emulsion that supports the active ingredients in the product. Here’s how to identify active ingredients on the cream’s label. A…


Seborrheic dermatitis

Flaky skin on the face or scalp – a common misconception is that the skin is dry. However, the flakiness may be evidence of seborrheic dermatitis. Using certain types of moisturizers can aggravate the condition. What can we do to prevent this condition and keep our skin healthy?   Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory…


Get Your Skin in Shape for Fall

The last day of summer isn’t officially until September 21st, but to me, the unofficial end of summer always feels like Labor Day. Your skin changes with the seasons and your skin care should too. Now is the time to plan your skin care for fall and winter, and to decide what improvements you want…


Nutrients for healthy skin

Essential Nutrients for a healthy skin and its sources. Skin, one of the best gifts from nature to us, and it is our duty to take proper care of it. But in the present environment, it is a hard nut to crack, and pollution is one of the major factors in that. Apart from that,…